Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1973.

Based in Cambridge, MA since 2011.



    2009 March.    Akateletecobe Sovesahva (Kyoto)

    2001 Sept.        Chashama Gallery (New York)   

    2001 March        Sugarmonger Gallery (Kyoto)

    1997 Nov.        Gallery Kuragen (Kyoto)

    1997 July        L’espace Energie & Creation (Paris)



    1998 July        Utanokoji Gallery (Kyoto)

    1996 Sept.        “Open-Air Gallery” Event (open-studio) (Kyoto)

    1996 August    City Wright Gallery (Kyoto)

    1995 May        Hirakata Train Station Gallery (Osaka)

    1995 February    Art-Orienteering Event (open-studio) (Kyoto)

    1994 June        City Wright Gallery (Kyoto)

    1993 October    City Wright Gallery (Kyoto)






When I was little, around 7 years old, I was learning to play piano, in Kyoto Japan. My teacher was like an old Mrs. Rottenmeier. She had false teeth which made a unique sound. I liked seeing when she wrote some word on the piano score with black pencil(I think it was B or HB pencil), like "gradually strong" "more carefully" "slowly", etc, etc with that sound. Sometimes I was imitating writing some word on the piano score with pencil but I was missing something, yes, false teeth sound.

Anyway, still now, when I make some pencil line by my self, I remember her writing with a pencil in the piano score book. I just want to make something nice to look at, but I don't need any meanings, just if it looks nice, that'll be great.

I went to art college in Kyoto. I studied oil painting there. After that, I worked at several old shops in Kyoto. I love Japanese ancient things, they are always beautiful. I lived in Paris for two years. I had just a little money, and oil painting supplies were too expensive. But I found a huge set of colored pencil at a yard sale. That was when I started working in pencil. I had an exhibition in Paris in 1997.

I have been based in Cambridge Massachusetts since 2011.